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Why you should hire a photographer for your proposal

Hiring a proposal photographer in Houston

So you’re thinking about proposing to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s so exciting! So much thought and planning can go into that moment. Where do you do it? What time of day? Do I want it to be private or out in public? Maybe you’ll propose at the place you had your first date, or even the place that you met. Maybe you’re the adventure type that will propose on a mountaintop as a drone comes out of nowhere and lowers the ring down for you to present to your love….ok. Maybe that’s a little much, but you get the point. The possibilities are endless!

But in all your planning of how you want to make the big ask, here is one thing I bet you haven’t thought of: who will photograph it? Yes. A photographer. Did it cross your mind that perhaps this is such a special moment that it deserves the same amount of care and documentation as the other parts of your future wedding? If it didn’t, that’s ok! That’s what I’m here for. 

As a wedding photographer based in Houston, Texas I have done a number of these shoots in recent months and our city is rife with possibilities of places to propose. But before we get into locations, let’s talk about why. Why should you hire a photographer to hide out in the bushes and stealthy capture this moment with your love? 

The answer shouldn’t come as a surprise. What you’re about to do…it’s a really big deal! Making the decision to get married and ask this person that you’ve decided is the one you want to spend your life with is one of the most monumental decisions of your life. Think about it. These are not small potatoes, my friends. That moment you propose is also one of the few moments where it’s just the two of you, a moment in time so special that you get to decide how you want it to happen and how you get to celebrate it together. I’m going to let you in a little secret now, there aren’t many chances that you’re going to get for a moment like this once the wedding planning starts. So take in this opportunity to do something special and soak it all in. These photos are going to be the very first memory of the start of the rest of your life together. And I guarantee you, you are going to treasure them for a lifetime. 

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Where do you find a photographer for your proposal?

This may seem a little daunting, but I swear it’s not as hard as it sounds. I know you haven’t even begun wedding planning yet, and you don’t know a thing about it, but I promise you’re already equipped with two tools to find a pro who has done this before and is prepared to handle this for you. 

Your first is someone you’ve already met and probably had a pretty lengthy relationship with: your jeweler. Yes! The person you bought the ring from. Here in Houston, for example, we have so many wedding jewelers who are active members of the wedding vendor community. Trust me, we all pretty know each other. So a great time to start is the day you pick up your ring. Ask your jeweler if they have any recommendations for a photographer in your area because you want to have your proposal photographed. I guarantee you they will be able to give you names. All of the proposals that I’ve photographed in recent months have all come from the same jeweler. You can read a previous post I’ve written about her HERE

The second tool in your toolbox in finding a photographer is right at your fingertips, and you probably have your hands on it right now. I’m talking about your computer, or your phone, or your tablet, or whatever device you’re using to read this. The internet, people! Good ‘ol Google. Remember Google? That place we go to look things up?! Stop your scrolling for a second and do a simple search for “Houston proposal photographer” if you happen to live in Houston. Otherwise just insert your city. Any variation of that search should bring up some options. Check and see if it’s bringing up blog posts from photographers who have posted about these shoots. Look for examples of photos on their site to show that they have done this before. Remember, proposals are a special type of skill set. It’s not the same as doing engagement portraits where the photographer can control the situation. In this case, there might be a lot that’s out of their control. A professional who has done this before is going understand these things and come ready with the best equipment for the job while also remaining very incognito. 

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I hope this inspires you to have your proposal photographed and gives you the information you need to find a great photographer. If you’re in the Houston area and are looking to pop the question soon then don’t hesitate for one second to reach out to me and we’ll plan all of this together. A very simple phone call between the two of us and we’ll come up with a plan to make it all happen. I’m here for you! 



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wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT