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Ok...well maybe not physics questions.

I dropped out of AP physics the first week of my senior year in high school.


But math I'm ok with. I minored in math in college.

So, You + Me = Spectacular Photos!

Too Cheesy?


Fine....I'll do a physics question:


What do you get when combine the unstoppable force of love with the immovable object of Anne's talent for photographing your moment in time?


Images you'll treasure forever.

Memories you will share with your kids and your grandkids.

Moments to reflect on when times get tough.

Pictures that will give you strength to love harder

and stronger when the hour calls for it.

where are you located?

I am based in Houston, TX! But before I lived here I spent my whole life in Maine. I photograph weddings there in the summer, and once or twice a year will take a destination event.

how long have you been a wedding photographer?

I shot my first wedding in 2007, kind of by accident. I can tell you all about it. I officially established my business in 2010.

what is your photographic style?

I would call myself a documentary photographer. My work is rooted in photojournalism. I dive more into this on the MY STYLE section of this site. Click away and read!

what is your favorite tv show?*

The West Wing. Best show ever made!

*and yes, I know this has nothing to do with photography. But I bet you're thinking about the show now!

Do you like to shoot alone or do you bring a second photographer?

It really depends on the size of your wedding. For smaller more intimate weddings, I'm perfectly capable of documenting that alone. But for larger events or where the couple are getting ready in two different locations, a second photographer is definitely needed.

where am i?

Anne is based in Houston, Texas and spends summers in her home state of Maine.

She is available for weddings and portraits there and beyond.

wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT


wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT