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Houston Proposal at St Martin’s Church

In early March, before the whole world went into a tailspin with the COVID19 pandemic, I had the honor of documenting a beautiful marriage proposal here in Houston. I’ve previously written here why you should hire a photographer for your proposal  and this proposal is a great example of how it can all come together. 

Like I’ve also said in that previous blog post, many of my proposal referrals come from local jewelers and this one was a super special case. The groom-to-be turned out to be the brother of my jeweler friend! His sister wasted no time at all making sure that he was in good hands. So while I was documenting the proposal, his sister was putting together a sweet Sunday brunch with their families to come home to and celebrate.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Alan and Mimi! Alan called me and told me the situation and that he wanted to propose after church when Mimi would least expect it. St Martin’s Episcopal Church happens to have a beautiful and peaceful courtyard out front and he decided to to make this the spot. So I arrived shortly before church let out to walk around the courtyard and get acquainted with the area. Whenever I’m in a public place like this it’s really important that I keep a low profile and blend in. Don’t mind me! Just the random stranger reading a book on the bench or taking a stroll around the park smelling the flowers! These are usually the things you can find me doing before a proposal. And it absolutely works! Since I had Alan text me a photo the previous day of what the two of them look like I knew who to keep a lookout for. About 15 minutes after church I get a text from Alan, “On our way out. Dragging her away from friends. lol.” I parked myself on a bench and waited. Soon I saw them coming out of the church and making their way toward the courtyard. Alan walked her to the spot where there also happened to be a tiny, outdoor chapel where people can come and pray. They walked around for a second. I could tell exactly what he was doing. “Hey hun, let’s check out this cute park for a second.” And it totally worked. Mimi bought the whole thing. After a few minutes of wandering, Alan brought Mimi over to where he was going to ask her to marry him. He wasted no time getting down on one knee and pulling a tiny box out of his pocket. Tears, smiles, and laughter ensued, and then more shock and laughter from Mimi as I made my way a little closer before I was spotted and she knew that we set this whole thing up. We all hugged and had a good laugh and I congratulated them on their exciting moment. 

After the hard part was done I had them take a few minutes to soak it all in while I made a few sweet portraits of the two of them in the garden. Then they were on their way. Off to celebrate this joyous occasion with their families. Congratulations you two! It was a pleasure documenting this moment for you. 

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wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT


wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT