Mom and baby session at home

This fall my friend Crystal had her third girl (oh my gosh, look at that red hair!) and I was delighted to spend the morning with her in her home while she and baby did what moms and new babies do…a lot of nothing! They lounged around, nursed, snuggled, and enjoyed the quiet of the house while the other children were off at school. It truly was a peaceful morning and a joy to capture these sweet photos for them. And of course, her sweet dog, Hannah, and her cat, Dinah, who is a total diva, had to make an appearance. At times the two of them stole the show, and I was more than happy to let them. Of all the types of sessions that I photograph, these mother and baby sessions are way at the top of the list. I adore taking these images for parents because these moments with a newborn go by so fast; anyone who has had a baby knows this. Preserving these moments brings my clients (and me) so much joy. Here are my favorites from this session in October.