Having an unplugged wedding

It seems like the collective wedding world had a shared meltdown this past week when another post about unplugged weddings went viral all over Facebook and on the internet. So…since this horse doesn’t seem to be dead yet and we’ve been talking about this subject for a few years now, let’s talk about it some more! 

If you have been living under a rock since the invention of the smartphone and don’t know what a unplugged wedding is, let me educate you.

A unplugged wedding is when the couple getting married ask their guests to not use cameras or cell phones during their wedding ceremony. 

It’s that simple. You keep your electronic devices in your purse or pocket and out of the way of people trying to enjoy this thing that is happening in front of their own face!! Do I sound a little upset by this? Yes. Because it is getting out of control and it needs to stop. 

Asticou Inn Maine wedding

I am not going to belabor the issue. There are a million and a half other photographers and wedding professionals who have been writing about this for years and probably will keep writing about this until it is no longer an issue. So I’ll make these short points: 

  • People worked really hard to plan this event. Give them the respect it deserves and honor the sanctity of what is about to take place. 
  • They hired a professional photographer for a reason. Let them do their job. You don’t want to be the shmuck that shows up in a photo of the bride or groom walking down the isle with your iPad stuck out in the isle, ruining the shot. No one will be happy about this.
  • There is time to hashtag your little heart out at the reception…do you hear me? At the reception. 

unplugged weddings_0002

If you are getting married and would like to talk to me about how you can accomplish the beauty of a tech gadget free wedding ceremony, then let’s chat. And remember this when you are having the conversation with your friends about why they can’t take photos of you when you’re walking down the isle or reciting your vows…

We want to see your faces…not your phones.

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