Happy Halloween from Houston

This marks our second Halloween since moving to the suburbs of Houston. Last year we had only been here for less than two weeks when the holiday arrived. I was pregnant with Vada and getting all dressed up wasn’t top priority on my list. We got a costume for Olivia and ventured out into our new neighborhood to see if we could meet some people. One of the first families we met greeted us on the street with a rolling cooler of beer and instantly we were friends. So this year when they asked us to team up to dress as Alice in Wonderland characters we were in! Halloween is a holiday that Texas does really well. Not only are the houses in our neighborhood pretty well decorated, but people open up their garages, put out tables and chairs and hang in the driveway with candy and some beverages. And if you really want to go all out, you gather the neighbors and fire up the grill and cook hotdogs and sausages in your driveway…which is exactly what we did. Candy for the kids, beer and brats for the adults. It was a fantastic night. We’re already planning our costumes for next year.

“We’re all mad here.” Check out our costumes from last night plus our other neighbor friends who joined the party and had the BEST family Harry Potter costumes, ever!

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