A walk through Washington DC

Today is the day after Election Day. I thought it would be nice to share a few shots I took on a recent trip to DC. I might be a big time nerd, but I truly believe that our nation’s capital is one of the most magical places in our country. So many people never get the opportunity to stand in front of the Declaration of Independence or our nation’s Constitution and really stop for a second and contemplate the gravity of what is in front of them under all that protective glass. I am proud to live in a country where we can elect our officials freely and express our feelings, good or bad, about the results. I’ll be completely honest in saying that I woke up disappointed with many of the races that I was following in my home state of Maine and new state of Texas. But I can only hope, with all my being, that these elected and re-elected officials will put aside the partisan gridlock and the theatrical behavior and get to doing what we elect them to do. Create jobs. Take care of its people. Create community…for all. 

DC in the fallDC in the fallDC in the fall