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Guest Post: Top 5 Reasons Why Having a Wedding Planner Will Help You Get Better Photos

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Greetings everyone! Today we’re dropping some truth bombs on all the engaged couples out there (and I’ll be doing this a lot more in the coming months) and I have a special guest writer on the blog today. Meet Amber Small, owner and lead designer at Sweetest Thing Weddings. I asked her to join us in talking about the link between wedding planning and great photography. Amber has been planning and designing spectacular destination weddings in Maine for fabulous clients for over ten years. Five years ago she added a full service floral design component to her business. Her weddings are not only luxurious and stylish, but they are filled with so much heart and soul that this woman puts into everything she does. These two things, amongst others, are why people hire her. Amber wrote five short, concise reasons why hiring a wedding planner is going to yield better photos at your wedding. I’m delighted to share it with you. Take it away Amber!


5. Time Table

Understanding the overall flow of the day is important, not just when ceremony starts or guest and vendors arrive. A planner knows when the room needs to be finished so your photographer can get the details and knows when the guests will be arriving so she can help arrange the portraits. Then the photographer only need to worry about taking photos, not running around trying to do a planners job.

4. Details

You worked so hard on making those details perfect. A planner makes them happen, knows them, and can make sure they are ready and photographed. A bride needs to be drinking mimosas and spending time with her family, not taking the photographer around the venue and explaining the details… that’s my job ;)

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3. Bossy Pants

I love people…. I really do. People at weddings are like cattle, they need to be herded. To the ceremony, to the cocktail hour. It’s ok… really, they are relaxing and enjoying themselves, and we LOVE that but things do need to happen. Portraits need to be taken and the food needs to come out hot. Let your planner be the bossy pants, let her herd your family, make things happen. You won’t be the “bad guy” and you will be smiling and relaxed for your portraits… In fact… people love being herded by a stranger.

2. Communication

Having a planner who knows what your needs are, what your vision is, and knows how to communicate them to all your vendors makes the day run so smooth and you get to get to experience what your guests are experiencing. This creates moments, beautiful moments, captured moments. You are now participating in your wedding instead of directing it. 

1. Peace

This sums up all five. You handing over the reins makes you peaceful and helps you enjoy your day. It gives your photographer moments to capture where you were are the happiest, taking in your details, things are running smoothly and YOU are a part of it all… IT makes for great photos.


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Want to hear more from Amber?

Pop on over to her site and get to know further. If you are getting married in Maine then she should definitely be on your list of people to contact. 



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wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT


wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT