Standing out in a crowd

There are a lot of wedding photographers in Maine….a lot. So for couples who are diligently searching for one, the task can sometimes feel daunting. After a while everyone’s work can start to look very similar if there is no story to back it up. I learned this recently and it is why I have taken big steps in my own business to make it abundantly clear to all of you searching for a Maine wedding photographer that what I do is different because it comes from a place of honesty and real life experience. There was a time when I spent much too much time looking at what other people in my market were doing and thinking that I had to do that, because that’s what everyone was doing. I was trying to be a photographer for all people. But you cannot be something for everyone! It isn’t sustainable in life and it certainly isn’t sustainable in business. Instead, we need to put our whole self forward, our real self, and say out loud “this is the kind of photographer that I am!” And if you make that clear and are not afraid to stand out in the crowded field, then the people that want to work with you…will.

What I do is special and different and has a very specific, driven focus. I have no interest in being like anyone else anymore. To read my story, stop on over here and decide if I just might be the person you’ve been looking for.

A Maine wedding photographers mantra for life

As I get settled into my new, downtown office and begin to decorate, this painting is going up on my wall to remind me of this every day.