Something Special Sundays: volume 4

It seems like there has been a lot of celebrating going on in my life lately. Cue Madonna! ;-)

New career….my wedding anniversary….and this weekend was my mother’s birthday. And I feel very blessed to be able to do all this celebrating with the ones I love. So I’m going to keep this very short and sweet today. And here’s what I have to say: we work damn hard to get where we are in life. But don’t ever work that hard that you can’t take a step back and celebrate your accomplishments. It’s important to validate the good work we do, applaud our accomplishments and give thanks for the loved ones around us. Because it is in those moments that we gain the strength, and the vision, to go forward with our endeavors. And hopefully all that hard work will lead to more celebrating down the road.

And in my home, we celebrate with drinks, good food, flowers and time with family. Cheers!