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This post is tragically overdue. But maybe it is because it’s taken me this long to truly process what took place last month and fully craft how best to explain it. But really…there is no way to explain it, because you truly have to experience it yourself to understand the gravity of how it will impact you.

But here are the basics. I attended a workshop last month that was taught by Jamie and Todd Reichman. In addition to being outstanding, award winning photographers (blah, blah, blah) they also teach intensive three and half day workshops for photographers on how to build a “sexy” business. They go through everything…your financials (yes, you better be comfortable with sharing), your brand, your pricing, what drives you…everything. And at the end you leave with more clarity in your business then you ever dreamed. Yes, they are that amazing.

Todd will say that this isn’t an “inspirational workshop.” But that’s BS. Because this was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life (sorry Todd). But I’ll be honest, this workshop is not for everyone and it is not for the faint of heart. If you can’t share the inner workings of your life with others, then this isn’t the workshop for you. If the idea of working for 14 hours a day and only taking breaks to eat (or working while eating) isn’t your thing, then this workshop isn’t for you. If you cannot handle swearing, then this workshop really isn’t for you.

But if you are looking for an experience that will rock your business, then you must check out their site at A Man To Fish. This is not a photography workshop and they are not going to teach you how to be a better photographer, but you will be amazed how much your photography will improve when your business has the clarity that it deserves.

I am blessed to not only have these great, new colleagues in the industry, but also two wonderful, new friends. Thank you Todd and Jamie…for everything.


wedding photographers in Maine

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wedding photographer in Maine

And these are my sexy, new friends. They have the biggest hearts and minds and I love them all dearly. Check out their work!

Top left: Earl Christie     Top Middle: Stacey Doyle

Top Right & 1st Row Right: Eddy & Linda Stahowiak

1st Row to my left (your right): Stephanie Reinish


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