Office remodel part 1

Let me start by saying that this was my husband’s idea.

And his ideas are usually good, don’t get me wrong. This one, however, I took a fast liking to which is odd for me because the project I am about to embark on is going to require giving up a lot of control…something I am NOT good at!

So here’s the deal. I need a change. I’ve discussed this recently. And my office is one place that I have a very hard time enjoying and getting work done because I don’t feel, well, inspired half the time. My office is an amalgamation of different furniture pieces with no real cohesion, a closet that is packed full of stuff and a playroom for my two year-old that just isn’t working. Half the time I don’t even feel like this is MY space. There is junk everywhere. It has turned into one of those rooms where we just throw stuff and hope that no one sees it. So knowing how much this has upset me for a while now, my husband sat me down yesterday and said, “For your birthday I want to redo this office for you.” And I just about cried. It was one of those days. But his brainy idea was to make it a fun experience that my clients and readers could follow along with, watch my progress and even contribute to! Yes everyone…I am crowdsourcing my office remodel.

Yup. I am going to let other people (aka YOU) help me make this place the office I’ve always wanted. I will create a Pinterest board of my design hopes and dreams, post color swatches on the blog, items to choose from and I am going to let you all pick. Obviously, I’ll have a little bit of veto power (this my office remember), but I think this is exactly the creative project that I need this winter to lighten things up and have a little fun.

So here’s how it’s going to work. If you’re a twitter fan, follow my hashtag #officeremodel for all the updates. On facebook, just keep following the Anne Schmidt Photography page. Every week, maybe a couple times a week, I’ll post something new about the progress. Leave a comment on my blog (not my facebook page) to let me know what you think or to vote on whatever I’m doing that day. It might be paint colors, or new lamps or a rug…who knows!

So here I am letting you to my life. This is what my office looks like right now. It’s very…well…green. And it is small; we’re only talking a 10′ x 12′ room…barely.

Maine wedding photographers office

Maine wedding photographers office remodel

Maine wedding photographer office project

Maine wedding photographers office redesign

Maine wedding photographers desk

And actually this is the cleanest it’s been in weeks. I couldn’t muster up the guts to show you what it looked like before. As far as what to keep and what to get rid of, I’m very keen on keeping my pink chair. I love that chair. And it might just be my new desk chair. Speaking of the desk, I haven’t decided whether it’s staying or going. This project doesn’t have a super huge budget so obviously I need to have some perspective if I’m bringing in new furniture pieces. If I do keep the desk, I think a new color is in order. (but between you and me, I really want to get rid of it)

Here are things that my new office is going to need.

– Storage (closet, walls, a place to display my books, magazine and various camera tchotchkes)

– A lounging nook. Somewhere to sit that isn’t at my desk

– Plants…this is a must

– Pops of color with decor pieces

– Workflow organization (a place to put receipts, maybe a tackboard of ideas, a calendar that I can look at everyday)

So that’s it for now! Check back soon for the first big update and to track my progress.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.



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