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My Maine Summer

I always have big goals for myself when it comes to my camera and my time home in Maine. I told myself that this summer I was going to work on a personal project, take more photos of my kids, and really capture the essence of my home state for others to enjoy. Well, I never started that personal project and my essence was probably summed up in a few lobster bake photos that I posted on Instagram. Kind of cliche, I know…but whatever. Life always gets in the way and I say I’m going to do all these great things and then I don’t. HA! Story of my life. But it wasn’t a complete let down. I did take portraits of my girls, not as many as I would have liked, but I documented their growing and that is what is important to me. Sometimes it’s not about how many we take, but in what the photo means and how special it is at that time. I still do have personal goals with my photography work and I will work harder at them bit by bit. But for now, here are few memories from my summer at home in Maine this year. It was a lovely June and July on the farm with my family. As I sit at my desk in Houston and it is 90 degrees outside the second week of September, I do long for those cool Maine nights, and I know that everyone back home will soon be welcoming that beloved time of year when the temps go down, the sweaters and boots come out of their closets, and the leaves slowly start to turn. That is a time of year I truly do miss. But alas….here’s to summer.



If you are interested in those cliched lobster photos and other shenanigans, you can definitely check out my Instagram feed for all the fun. CLICK HERE.



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Anne is based in Houston, Texas and spends summers in her home state of Maine.

She is available for weddings and portraits there and beyond.

wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT


wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT