Mondays during wedding season are what ultimately turn into a normal persons Sunday. I try to take the day off on Monday to recuperate from the busy weekend of shooting and take the time to rest or get things done around my house that others typically do on weekends. As yesterday was my first “day off” of the season, I took the opportunity to get ALL of my gardening done. Our deck is now adorned with planters of colorful annuals and our vegetable garden is stocked full of food that we will begin to see next month. Here are some of my favorite Instagram pics chronicling my day of dirty knees and finger nails.

If you’re ever wondering what the behind the scenes life of this photographer looks like, just follow along on Instagram! Yes, I am guilty of posting lots of pics of my two year old and my food…oh well. I’m sure you’ll survive. But I also post lots of pics at my weddings if you ever want to get a sneak peek inside the life of my super fun (and exhausting) job! Follow me @annesphotos.

a maine wedding photographers day off spent gardening