Houston Texas birth story – Baby V

Last Friday this beautiful baby boy came into the world and it was such an honor to be there to capture the anticipation from his family. When I arrived at the hospital, mom was already 8cm dilated! And she had only been there for about thirty minutes! So we thought this was going to be a super speedy delivery since this was also baby #4 for her. But like life itself, you get thrown some curve balls and when baby wasn’t coming down (and we also learned later, not facing in the right direction), and there were some issues with baby’s heart rate dropping a tick, things got a little touch-and-go and mom had to be quickly wheeled to the OR for a possible c-section. And sadly, that meant that I was also out for a little bit. I did have to hang back in the waiting room until I was given the all clear, but while I was there got some lovely shots of the whole family patiently waiting for the baby brother and grandson to arrive. I was called into the OR just as this beautiful baby was born (c-section averted). 

This little man was greeted to very happy grandparents and two slightly apprehensive older siblings, ages 3 and 2. It’s certainly hard when a new baby arrives on the scene, but I have no doubt that these kids will embrace their little brother and start loving on him very soon. All my love to this very sweet family, and thank you so much for having me tell your story in photos.

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