weddings + Portraits

documentary photography that tells YOUR story.


You are not here for trends because what you value
goes so far beyond trendy.
You want images that are timeless
and fill you with sincere, heartfelt emotion.


For the past ten years I have been documenting love
stories in the cities, small towns, and countries
that my couples call home, delivering images
that are vivid, bold, and thoughtful.


You are not just hiring someone to take photos.
Anyone can do that.
You are hiring a trusted confidant
who is going to tell YOUR story in a way that is visually
like no other.


For you, and for all of my clients, this is my mission.


"You did a brilliant job documenting all of the details that made our wedding true to us. Your photos really capture a full range of emotions and it was a true pleasure to work with you."


Leah & Ryan

Wiscasset, Maine

Nice to meet you

A Maine gal living in the Lone Star state...

Give me tacos or give me death! OK...maybe not. But this is how you can find me on a hot day in Houston.


And when I'm home in Maine? It's lake swims and bonfires on a fine summer day.



You see...these two homes, they tell a story of my life and give me so much perspective on the lives of others. Having this unique experience is one of the things that makes my work a little different.


Click the icon to learn even more about me and about how I can best tell YOUR unique story.

What others are saying

When I received the pictures (1 week after wedding!), I was delighted to see the portraits. They were beautiful! She captured my husband and I in a beautiful way.


Rebekah & Matt

Round Top, Texas

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