Henkel Hall Wedding in Round Top, Texas – Rebekah & Matt

Half way between Houston and Austin, nestled around hill country, are small, quintessential Texas towns. Tiny communities that people flock to for antiquing season, wildflowers in the spring and BBQ, well, anytime. One of those towns is Round Top, a mecca for weekend antiquing trips and bargain hunters looking for that one rare find. In the center of Henkel Square is one of the cutest, most Texas looking small town squares I have ever seen. It’s like traveling back in time 100 years at a peek at what life was like when the entire community must have congregated around these grounds on a regular basis. What used to be the lifeblood of the town is now a popular place for tourists passing through and it’s also the spot of the most adorable chapel you’ve ever seen.

Here at Henkel Hall, on a beautiful, blue sky day in August, is where Rebekah and Matt said “I do” surrounded by their closest friends and family.