Garden Party Vision

So….one day my friend Amber, owner of Sweetest Thing Weddings, says to me, “Hey! You want to do a photo shoot for me?” And of course I said, “Ummm….YES!!” And she ever so nonchalantly says, “Oh by the way, the photos are being sent to Style Me Pretty.” WHAT???!!! Yes. You heard me correctly. The mecca of bridal blogs. Amber and Kathryn of Sweetest Thing were recently asked to join the SMP family and that meant submitting some photos. Amber has had this Alice in Wonderland meets English garden party tea design idea in her head since the peonies started blooming. And voila! Here it is. And with the help from one of Amber’s gorgeous summer brides, their vision became a reality. It was an honor to photograph this for them. We can’t wait to share more with you in the future…..hopefully direct from the Style Me Pretty blog!