Magical fairy themed birthday party

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a 6 year old’s birthday party. However, this wasn’t just any old birthday party.  This party was for Ellie, whose parents work at Penobscot Theatre Company in Bangor.  The family will soon be moving and leaving the theatre so they wanted to document this important age for their daughter since it will be the last birthday she celebrates here in Maine with her friends.

Leave it to theatre parents to come up with the greatest party themes ever!  Ellie’s birthday was a fairy themed party.  All the guests came dressed in their best fairy costumes and all were told in their invitations that something awful had happened….they had lost all their fairy powers to the evil wizard!!  In order to get their powers back and to get their wings, they all needed to complete three tasks.

The day started out with a few quick shots of Ellie, her brother and family before the guests arrived.  But when the children were all there, the place turned into a magical, enchanted story.  Take a look and see what I mean….

twirling in a pink ruffled skirt

brother and sister cuddling on the floor

child sitting in her birthday throne

family birthday portrait tickling brother's' belly

black and white portrait of smiling family tickling brother's belly

And here is where the fairy enchantment begins…..

First, they were told that the wizard stole all their powers!  Task number 1: draw lots of pretty flowers…because the wizard hates flowers…duh!

drawing flowers because the wizard stole their powers

girls laying on their bellies coloring flowers on paper

And then once the flowers were drawn, the fairies got their crowns…

fairy crowns made of ribbon and flowers

After receiving their crowns, they are paid another visit from the evil wizard. The fairies listen to his complaints; he knows his powers are dwindling.

children looking over the banister

Next, they had to build fairy houses…. (which are very popular in Maine, did you know?)

fairy houses are common on the coast of Maine

And after the houses were built, the fairies got their wands (which were distributed by Queen Ellie…of course)

waving their fairy wands above their heads

And lastly, in order to receive their wings, the fairies had to sing a song….because the evil wizard HATES music! The children all held hands and danced in a circle while singing songs that they made up to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

children dancing in a circle singing songs

And when the singing was done….the fairies got their wings….and a dose of fairy dust.

children wearing their fairy wings

mother sprinkles fairy dust on the children

Then it was time for cake!! This three tiered cake was made by the amazing team at Market Bistro in Bangor.

green three tiered fairy cake

Happy birthday, Ellie!  It was absolutely wonderful spending your birthday with you. You have such wonderful parents who love you oh so much. I can’t wait till my daughter is your age. I may have just found her birthday party theme. ;-)

children on the front porch in their fairy costumes





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