Cordero Family

I LOVE photographing my friends. Some people hate it; I love it. And I especially love it when friends I’ve had for years start to have children and ask me to photograph their families. This is one of those families.  Maida, Jose and I have been friends since 1999. We were all in the music program at UMaine. The three of us also went on to be in the same grad program and pursued careers in Higher Education Student Affairs. Five years ago they had their first baby, Louis, and they were one of the first families I ever shot when I was starting my business. They were so brave! (I say that with love)

Now, five years later they have welcomed baby boy Max into the family! They invited me back to spend an afternoon with them on the UMaine campus and we had a great day playing in the grass and goofing around. Thank you so much, you guys, for inviting me to document your family. It means a lot to me as a friend and a photographer. xoxo