bright and bold baby shower

Here are some shots I took for Amber Small and Kathryn Ravenscraft of Sweetest Thing of a baby shower that they recently held in their studio and did all the floral design for. These were some of the prettiest arrangements I’ve seen them do…..well…..everything they do is pretty! These were certainly the most colorful for sure. The out-of-this-world amazing cake pops were made by Wanda Prouty. Her talent is impeccable and I don’t know of anyone in this area that is doing the quality of work that she does. If you’re looking for a cute dessert for your party, Wanda is your gal.

baby shower at Sweetest Thing Studio in Bangor, ME

cake pops by Wanda Prouty for Bangor, ME baby shower

cake pops and diaper cake at Bangor, ME baby shower

flower design by Sweetest Thing in Bangor, ME