Oh my goodness, the month of October is half over. Where has the time gone?! Well, I am a wedding photographer in Maine and I have been furiously working hard for my amazing clients, producing beautiful imagery for them since June. Our season here in New England is so compact that it feels like we don’t even stop to breathe and then before we know it the leaves are falling off the trees and we ask, “where did the summer go?”

I have been planning this post for months, but…well…you can see that things got a little busy. So now it is time to slow down. Time to fill you in on the good news. Some you loyal readers may already know, but those of you that don’t there are some BIG changes happening at Anne Schmidt Photography. Big changes in scenery in the form of a brand new home in a brand new state. Yes. I’m moving….to Texas, ya’ll!

Texas??! Seriously? How does a girl born and raised in Maine all her life wind up packing up her family and moving to Texas? Well, for the same reason that hundred’s of thousands of people are relocating there in droves…a job. Back in April my husband started consulting for one of the largest healthcare system’s in the state. He’d be there all week and fly home on the weekends. We did that for three months (not fun by the way when you’re raising a toddler). Three months went by and they liked him so much that they offered him a full-time job. So in July, Josh packed up our entire house in Bangor and moved to Houston. We’ve been living apart all summer and fall since I had to stay behind and finish my wedding season. It has been a crazy whirlwind of an experience and we are so excited to finally be living back under the same roof as a family again.

wedding photographers in Houston Texas wedding photographers in Houston Texas

some images from around the city that I took during a trip in April. all shot on Kodak film. 

So what does this mean for my business? It means that I will get to do what I do best in TWO states for even more amazing couples. The season in Texas is a bit longer and I’ll have the ability to shoot weddings from roughly October to June. I will then get to be one of the lucky ones that gets to “summer” in Maine! I will be returning to my home state to photograph weddings starting the last weekend in June and I’ll stay for the months of July and August to photograph in the state that I love so much. So this is GREAT news for couples that are looking to book me in those months. I’m not going anywhere! Everyone wins. So if you’re getting married in the Houston area this upcoming 2015 or in Maine next summer and you’re looking for an adventurous, down-to-earth photographer of beautiful things, then CONTACT ME! I’d love to get to know you.

My husband flew home Thursday morning to pick all of us up and today we spent the day  in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park to enjoy one of our favorite Maine places during our most favorite season of all. There are a lot of things I will miss about living in Maine year-round and the crisp season of fall is, by far, the thing I’ll miss the most.  So I’ll squeeze in one last lobster roll of the year and lug my camera on a little hike to enjoy the last of the glorious scenery and foliage that we’re so blessed with here. Then we pack up our things and our dog and hop on a plane Monday morning and the five of us head to Houston. Yes…the five of us. I have one more surprise for you. Baby #2 is due to arrive in early March. I have only told friends and family privately so this is the first time we’re making it “internet official,” but we are over the moon thrilled to be expanding our family in our new home in Texas. My husband is already picking out cowboy boots for the wee one and yes, to all our Texas friends, he/she will be a Longhorns fan; I hear that’s mandatory down there. ;) But anyway, there will be much more talk of that to come I’m sure. And if you’re so inclined, and want your fill of baby cuteness come the spring, you can follow me on Instagram (@annesphotos) for all the virtual cheek pinching you can handle.

Bar Harbor Maine fall family

bar harbor family picA few pics from today. iPhone and Instax.


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Anne is based in Houston, Texas and spends summers in her home state of Maine.

She is available for weddings and portraits there and beyond.