Good to Meet You

If you made it to this page, you clearly want to get to know me a little more. So thank you for making it this far!

Like I said on the homepage (I hope you read that part), I have been many things in my thirty seven years on this planet. I actually have a bachelors and a masters degree in education (and not photography!). I took my first photography class sixteen years ago while I was an exchange student in college. Black and white film shooting a developing is where I "got bit by the photo bug" and thus began my journey to where I am today. But for many years prior to be a photographer, I worked with students on college campuses in areas of residence life, campus activities, and student employment. I am also a passionate writer, and I have dreams of authoring a book someday. 

Now that we've got the all important credentials taken care of, here are some fun highlights about me! 

- I am from Maine! My New England blood still has not aclimated to Texas heat. 

- I have been to more countries in Europe than I have states in the U.S. (Is that sad?)

- I have jumped out of a plane at 12,000 feet. 

- I lived in New Zealand for a time in college.

- I have sung on stage at Carnegie Hall. 

- I think The West Wing is one of the greatest tv shows ever made. 

- I am the mother of two spunky girls, ages 7 and 3. 

- I have a crazy Boston Terrier, named Eva.

I look forward to getting to know YOU!

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