I have been anxiously sitting on pins and needles for the last three months waiting to make this announcement and the day is finally here. As we head into the Memorial Day weekend holiday, I am thrilled to announce that there are some exciting changes and opportunities for growth coming to Anne Schmidt Photography. Effective immediately, I will be photographing weddings in Maine with the team at Nadra Photography. 

Houston Texas wedding photographer in MainePIN

This was a huge decision to go from working independently to going to work for someone else, but the opportunity could not have come at a better time. Since moving to Texas things naturally got a little slow back home and I knew that if I wanted to continue shooting in Maine something had to give. So when the offer was made to me I took it as a sign and great blessing. I am so thrilled to be joining Nadra, Leigh and Deanna for this packed summer season. 

As far as my current wedding clients are concerned, nothing at all will change. I will be photographing your weddings under my company name. Going forward, every wedding I shoot in Maine will be under the prestigious Nadra Photography name. I still own my business and I will maintain the ASP brand in Texas as I build my company down here in Houston.

You can read the full announcement here on the Nadra Photography blog. 

I could not have gotten to where I am today if it were not for the trust that my clients and my friends in the Maine wedding industry have put in me over the past six years. I am so excited to continue this journey and look forward to what lies ahead. 

Have a happy weekend!

– Anne


On March 11th we welcomed Vada Christine Schmersal to our family. She was born in the water at the Katy Birth Center at 7:33 in the evening. The first few weeks after she was born we were blessed to have my sister and my parents visit us in Houston to meet the newest grand baby and niece of the family. My sister even had the special fortune of being here for the birth!

These images were taken in the first three weeks of her being born. Big sister Olivia is smitten and we are all adjusting to life with another little girl.

Houston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0001PINHouston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0003PINHouston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0004PINHouston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0007PINHouston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0002PINHouston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0005PINHouston and Katy Texas newborn photographer_0006PIN