1,000 Thank yous

facebook 1,000 likes

facebook 1,000 likes

1,000 of anything is a large amount. 1,000 homes, 1,000 cars, 1,000 elephants. Even smaller still, 1,000 M&M’s could seem insurmountable (however my 3 and a half year-old would decidely be up for the challenge.) So 1,000 LIKES on Facebook is a pretty neat thing. Those are quite a few people who have decided that a little Anne Schmidt Photography in their timelines would be a good thing. So I would like to say THANK YOU. Not only to the Facebook-ers, but those who follow my escapades on Twitter, and to those who put up with the random, yet fun Instagrams and to those anywhere who take time out of their day to support and help promote what I do. I am truly blessed to continue this journey of capturing lifes best moments forever in a photo. I would be thrilled if you all kept these places bookmarked and maybe share a link or two!

Thank you!


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