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how to take creepy photos of your kids on Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and I have to admit that it is my favorite holiday. I know there are a lot of holiday celebrations happening in this final quarter of the year, and trust me I do love them. But there is just something extra special about Halloween. In our little suburban neighborhood it’s always a treat to see the decorations go up and who has the best house. And not to toot our own horn, but our house is pretty spectacular. 

Before we head into this festive weekend I wanted to share a couple photos I took of my girls in their costumes in my new garage studio space. 

how to take good pictures of kids at halloweenhow to take good pictures of kids at halloweenhow to take good pictures of kids at halloween

And you don’t need a “professional” studio to take cool photos of your kids tomorrow night. Here are some tips I have for you. 

1. Underexpose your image. Aka: don’t let as much light into your lens. You want these to look moody and creepy. So stay toward the darker side of things. If you’re using a iPhone, you can do this by by taping on the screen and dragging that little sun icon down. 

2. Find a dark background. Maybe it’s your garage, or a black sheet or blanket. Hang it up if you have one, and then take your photos on that. Again, you’re making a “studio” with items around your house. Easy! 

3. Grab a lamp. You do not need lighting equipment like mine to have fun with a dramatic photo. Just grab a lamp and have someone hold it off to the side so that it is lighting the face area (see my youngest daughter’s picture on the top left). Or, for a spooky, horror look, have someone hold the light below your kids so that it’s shining UP into their faces. Think flashlight under the face. 


If you are trick-or-treating tomorrow night remember to stay safe and be masked. We are still in a pandemic, but with proper precautions we can still have fun and enjoy this holiday. We’ll be grilling hot dogs in our driveway and giving out candy to our neighborhood kids, socially distancing our chairs, and enjoying the comfort of our neighbors. These are the people that have made these last eight months possible for us. 

Wherever you are celebrating, and with whomever you are spooking with, keep it safe and enjoy your Halloween! 



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wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT


wedding & portrait photographySCHMIDT