Babies and brews

There has been a resurgance of business in Downtown Bangor, ME. The once modest downtown district is now hopping with restaurants, bars, boutiques and bakeries. One of the newest businesses to hit the scene is Central Street Farmhouse. I first learned of a new store coming to our community this past Fall when I was pregnant with Olivia. We were told it was going to be a place to buy brewing supplies and cloth diapers. Brilliant!! We love beer (and now love making our own) AND my husband and I had made the decision before we knew this store was opening to cloth diaper our baby. Now we could buy local! A win win for everyone.

Ok….enough about me and my story….

Meet Zeth and Betsy. Young, hip 30 somethings who had left Maine for a while to live in Boston, but always had the dream of coming home and opening a store that reflected how they lived their life….locally and sustainably. They have a young daughter Zoe with another wee one on the way next month. Well…the long and the short of it is that their dream came true and the result is CSF, a beer and wine lovers paradise, a place to buy local organic food and a choice for parents that want to wrap their babies (and themselves) in some of the best earth friendly products. The store offers an array of brewing classes, events, breast feeding support groups that meet twice a week and whole host of other groups and learning opportunities.

Betsy said one day at an event at the store that she once saw a billboard in Massachusetts that said to tourists, “If you lived here, you’d be home.” It’s kind of become a mantra for life and their business….just change MA to ME. They found their way home and we couldn’t be happier to have them. Oh….and did I mention that they live on the 3rd floor of their Central Street building right above the store? Talk about a low carbon footprint and easy commute to work!

brewing supplies at central street farmhouse in bangor, me

sustainable baby products at central street farmhouse in bangor, me