my husband builds a kegerator

Once upon a time a home brewer in Bangor, ME (let’s call him Joshua) decided he wanted to have fresh, carbonated beer on tap in his own house. His lovely wife said, “Sure honey! That’s a reasonable request. I mean, it’s not like we just had a baby which comes with a whole new host of expenses. Sure! We can sink hundreds of dollars into your pet project!” (insert obvious sarcasm. Joshua’s wife really does like the idea, but it’s just so much more fun to be dramatic about it).

So one day Josh comes home with your standard dorm fridge and says, “Honey…it’s time.” One thing leads to another. More parts are ordered and by this time Josh is doing furious amounts of research to prepare for the big construction day.

We should stop at this point to note that Joshua is not, how you say, very skilled when it comes to the power tools. So he enlists the help of his father-in-law, trained carpenter and fellow beer lover, to assist him with the project.

And here my friends……is how you build a home kegerator.

PINThe fridge door came off and any unnecessary parts were sawed off. Who needs that extra foam anyway?

PINSaw bits were selected to cut holes where taps will go

PINTap holes are drilled through the door

PINEva, the stealthy Boston Terrier, supervises to make sure everything is going according to plan

PINI need a wrench….STAT!

PINDrip tray is attached to the door and taps are screwed on

PINLooking good!! Now to put the door back on the fridge

PINKegs are put in and tap lines are screwed on

PINAnd….VOILA!! A kegerator. Beautiful.

PINSo let’s try it out!


PINWe give it some serious pondering……And…..

PINSUCCESS!! Now, that’s one happy home brewer.