Married: Heather and Ted!

Remember these two? I had a great time with Heather and Ted this summer for their lakeside engagement session, and their wedding was an absolute blast. They made me feel like part of the family as I spent the day capturing their wedding. The two were married on Heather’s parent’s farm, a gorgeous location just outside of Bangor.

This wedding combined all of Heather & Ted’s favorite things and hobbies. Heather is an avid rider and lover of horses and Ted a bird lover and duck hunter. All of these things were woven into their day from the tractor full of beer to the cowboy boots that both bride and groom wore to Ted’s custom wedding ring that Heather had designed to look like duck tags complete with an etching of a duck caller on the back side. Heather also had cake toppers made by the national champion decoy carver. Yes…the national champion. Cool! And very sweet too. Did you know that geese mate for life?

Congrats you two! I had such a great time with you. You really know how to throw a great party.


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