How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I shot my first wedding in 2007 while working full time at my higher education administration job. I shot weddings part-time for five years, and in 2012 I left the field of higher ed and launched my full-time business. But on the subject of photography as a whole, I have been shooting for a little over 10 years. I was trained in the dark room as a black and white film photographer and spent a few years of my college career as a photojournalist for the university newspaper shooting black & white and color film.

What would you consider your photographic style to be?

If there was a National Geographic of weddings, I’d like to be called that. ;)  It’s very simple. My eyes are constantly scanning the room, focussed on those moments that you will share with your soon-to-be spouse or with a family member. Those photos are ones that make you go “awwww….” (tear!). But I also deeply value the beauty of a classic portrait. My entire business is built on a foundation of family, so all my work reflects how important those family moments are to you and yours.

Do you have a second photographer with you on the day of the wedding?

If you want one, I can absolutely provide that for you! A second photographer is very handy when the couple are getting ready in separate buildings (or towns!) or if you just want extra coverage from multiple angles.

Do you only photograph weddings in Maine?

90% of the time, yes. If I have a very special client that I have worked with before that is choosing to get married elsewhere then I will absolutely do their wedding in another state (or country….destination wedding!!). But I live here. I am from here. Maine plays a HUGE role in my business. I pride myself on being a MAINE photographer. Most of my clients are from Maine, but do not live here now. They are coming back to the state that they love and grew up in to celebrate with their closest family and friends.

Do you have liability insurance?

Like I said, this is my career. So absolutely yes!

How much does it cost to hire you?

Please click on over to my Pricing page to read all the specifics.

Do I get the high res photos from my wedding?

Yes. All collections include the digital negatives and a “personal print release.”

How long before I get to see my photos after the wedding?

I will start posting a few sneak peeks on Facebook or on my blog within a week or so of your wedding. The final collection goes on your gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

How do I or my family see the photos and buy prints?

It’s all on your gallery. Just share the link with whomever you want! Prints and canvases are available for sale right there as you are viewing. Easy peasy!

Do you have a back up photographer in the case of an emergency?

Knock on wood, I have never been in a situation where I needed to replace myself for a clients wedding and I hope I never will. But I belong to an amazing, supportive group of Maine wedding photographers and we are all there for each other when needed. However, if something, god forbid, happened to me and I was not able to fulfill your contract with a replacement then you would receive a 100% refund of all fees paid.

I really love your work, but I’m not sure your fees are in line with my budget. Do offer any other options?

I know it sounds cliché, but  it really is true that your photography is the only thing left after your wedding is over. Cakes gets eaten, flowers die, and if you’re like me, that gown might not fit you in a year (true story). When you choose a talented artist that is going to capture your family memories in the most personal way, you’re going to go want to look at these images all the time and cherish them for a lifetime. Your photography is something you should splurge on. Many clients easily find room in their overall wedding budget to make a few alterations so that they can hire the photographer they truly love and want. But if you would like to talk about a package with reduced coverage or an off-season date then we can absolutely discuss that.

What do you require to book the date and what is the payment schedule?

A 25% retainer fee is required to solidify your date on my calendar. I then establish a payment schedule for you and your final payment is due no more than two weeks before your wedding. I accept all major credit/debit cards and personal checks.

Is the chickadee really the state bird of the State of Maine? 

Heck yeah, it is! That little bugger is adorable and their songs keep us from going insane during long winters. Just kidding…well, not the adorable part.



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