Below are some basic questions regarding my wedding and portrait work that people want to know before they hire me. For even more in depth questions, let’s schedule a time to talk!


How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I have been crafting my photography journey for fifteen years and have been photographing weddings for seven years. 

What would you consider your photographic style to be?

I am an artistic historian. I preserve honest, loving family moments and details that you don’t want to forget. You just be you and I’ll be the fly on the wall documenting the whole thing…plain and simple.

How much does it cost to hire you?

Please click on over to my Pricing page to read all the specifics.

How long before I get to see my photos after the wedding?

I will start posting a few sneak peeks on Facebook or on my blog within a week or so of your wedding. The final collection goes on your gallery four weeks after your wedding.

Do you have a back up photographer in the case of an emergency?

Knock on wood, I have never been in a situation where I needed to replace myself for a clients wedding and I hope I never will. But I belong to an amazing, supportive group of Maine wedding photographers and we are all there for each other when needed. However, if something, god forbid, happened to me and I was not able to fulfill your contract with a replacement then you would receive a 100% refund of all fees paid.

What do you require to book the date and what is the payment schedule?

A 50% retainer fee is required to solidify your date on my calendar. Finally payment is due two weeks before your wedding. I accept all major credit/debit cards and personal checks.



What types of portrait work do you do?

I photograph births, newborns, children and family portraits in a documentary style that is candid and captures a little slice of your life.

What age children will you photograph?

Any age! I have two children under the age of five, so I am used to squirmy babies and uncooperative toddlers. If you are interested in newborn photos, the best time to capture these are within the first ten days of your baby being born. I know it can often be a hard transition in the first couple weeks and things may seem hectic at home, but I can tell you from personal experience that those first couple weeks are some of the most precious times and they go by so fast! I promise that doing photos early on (even when you’re tired and haven’t showered in days) are so worth it and you will not regret capturing those moments. 

How much are your portrait sessions?

Session fees for portrait work are $250, which covers my time, travel and editing of your images. Sessions shot on film are $350. The full amount is due at the time of booking to secure you a place on my calendar. Print products and any digital files are then purchased separately. My clients invest anywhere from $900 – $2000 on their portrait experience. 

What kinds of print products do you offer?

I create gorgeous prints for my clients and offer beautifully framed wall art to display in your home. I also offer canvas prints and fine art albums. Contact me for a full product listing.