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For fifteen years I have been constantly learning behind my camera...learning about love, life, and things that we all hold dear. And those things have always been people for me. Whether it is a birth, a wedding, or a family, or a child's portrait, it is the life that beams through our eyes that moves me to make photographs. 

I am a mother of two outstanding little girls and these tiny humans bring so much excitement to my life. They are my inspiration, my muse. I want to see their bold personalities staring back at me on the walls of my home. And that is my mission for my clients. Our photos are meant to be printed and enjoyed in our home, not sitting in a drawer on a flash drive. Prints matter to me, and I offer only the best quality products so that you can enjoy experiencing your photographs in your home. 

We all know that time goes by way too fast. In the blink of an eye our children will be grown. As a photographer I believe that I have a duty to capture the essence of your child and your family at whatever stage they are in and freeze that little moment in time for you. 


Great! You're still reading! Which probably means you want to know how much stuff costs. Let's cover all that here.

Family portrait sessions take place either in your home or at a location in Katy. Travel outside of Katy will incure a fee. The kind folks at the IRS tell me that this is 54.5 cents per mile.

Newborn sessions are always done in your home in a relaxed setting. There are no babies in baskets here.

Portrait Collections start at $599

All collections include digital images. But we've been over this; prints are the best, so my collections come with those too. I only offer my clients the best print products. Trust me; nothing you print at Walmart or Cosco will look as good as what I can do for you.

Wedding Collections start at $3,500

All collections include digital images. Most include an album.