Closing out 2016

So here’s the deal. There isn’t going to be any “best of nine” junk or a year in review post this year. The truth is…I don’t want to do them. It would be expected of me to do them and I’m done doing what’s expected. I need a change. 2016 has been a year of great struggle for me…as a photographer, a business owner, a mother, you name it. 

So I’m making some changes in a few short days. I have an idea to shift my work in a whole new direction. I’ve never done this kind of photo making before, but it’s an idea that I can’t get out of my head. Lucky for me, this little thinker with the big brain and a big heart was willing to be my guinea pig today as we played around with ideas. 


The @anneschmidtphotography Instagram account is going to be revived with new imagery and thoughts. And if you’d like to follow along with me on this journey, feel free to click hearts till your heart’s content. My deepest thank yous in advance. 

Bring it on, 2017.

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